How to Get a Taurus Man to Ask You Out on a Date (2024)

Has a special Taurus man caught your eye and you want to give him the signal to ask you out? I’ll show you exactly what you should do to help move the slow Taurus along.

If you’re reading this article, chances are a dashing Taurus has caught your eye. They are often strong with a tough exterior but an inner warmth that draws us in. What’s not to love about these romantic creatures?

While their personality certainly piques our interest, getting them to make a move to ask you out can be a bit tricky. Taurus is infamous for being the slowest in the Zodiac to make decisions.

They may think about asking you out for months before actually doing it. Why not give them the comfort we know a Taurus desires to help them along?

Don’t Let Their Slow Pace Make You Give Up

My clients are often frustrated at how long a Taurus man takes to make a decision. This is just how he is, but he makes up for it in other areas—and he is not going to take what he considers stupid risks.

He might be trying to plan the perfect date or thinking of the perfect thing to say. He is a planner and needs to have a solid approach before he makes his move.

If you’re ever dated a Taurus, you know they stick to things and have trouble letting go. If he is freshly out of a relationship, be patient and wait for him to get over his feelings for his ex.

The Mating Dance: Show Your Beautiful Feathers

I have one major piece of advice for women who want to get a Taurus to notice them: Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means they are highly tuned in to all the senses.

While a Capricorn may not notice your new haircut, a Taurus has an eye for aesthetics, and when you dress up, he is even more likely to notice you.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and its rule over Taurus means he’s inspired by artistic expression. Bright colors and patterns that are stylish will mesmerize a Bull and spark his interest like the colorful feathers of a bird used to attract a mate.

The Mating Call: Woo Him With Words

Taurus is not just impressed with external beauty—he is a true family man and craves strong, stable relationships. When you want to get his attention, speak ‘family’ to him.

I’m not saying you should tell him you want to have kids with him right away! What I mean is you should talk about how you enjoy time with your family on holidays or weekly gatherings. This helps cultivate the sense of a cohesive family unit that lures a Taurus right in.

Of course, make sure what you say is true. If he finds out you’re not being honest, he will lose the respect you are working to build with him. Remind him of the comforts of home and he will start to envision nesting with you.

If That Doesn’t Work: Dig a Little Deeper

As I’m sure you know, not all Taurus men are the same. Think about celebrity Taurus Rami Malek, who portrayed Elton John so fabulously. Rami is much more creative compared to what you usually hear about the practical-minded Taurus.

But cases like that often mean there’s a birth chart at play that really leans towards another sign or element. Look at your Taurus man’s chart and see if there is another sign or element that could be influencing him—this will help understand what attracts him.

If you’ve been dropping hints and doing your mating calls but he still hasn’t asked you out, it’s probably because he still isn’t certain you’re interested. He tries to always be respectful and won’t cross a line if he doesn’t know it’s ok to do so.

How to Drop Not-So-Subtle Hints

A Taurus man lives in his own world, which is comprised of what he sees right in front of him. He’s calm because he doesn’t often find his mind wandering beyond the here and now.

This means that Bulls need something put in front of them to even consider it. If you tell him he should ask you out on a date, then he will see it as an option, but if you don’t, he may just keep working with his head down.

He’s not like a Leo or a Scorpio, who think they are entitled to pursue any woman who catches their eye. Taurus prefers to go about his business and hope the right thing comes along.

You can say things like:

“I decided I’m ready to get back out in the dating world again.”

“A woman would be lucky to date a guy like you.”

“I am interested in getting to know you better.”

“I appreciate men who are reliable and stable.”

“I sometimes feel like I’m the only hopeless romantic left.”

“You seem like a true gentleman compared to most.”

Here’s an Example of How to Tell Him You’re Interested

Let’s say a Taurus man in your group of friends or at work has sparked your interest. You know he is single, and you can tell he notices you.

He hasn’t asked you out, and you haven’t told him you would be interested in being more than friends yet. So how do you progress in a way that will send a clear message?

Mention an activity you have really been wanting to try, but you don’t have someone to do it with. Maybe there’s an upcoming concert, a new restaurant, or a beautiful nature walk that you can bring up. That way, you’ve sent him in the right direction, but it’s still his idea when he gets your tickets or offers to join you, and it fulfills his need to provide helpful solutions for others.

How to Make Him Feel Confident

How to Get a Taurus Man to Ask You Out on a Date (1)

Here is another thing you might not know about Taurus men. Often, they don’t feel they are good enough to ask you out. They put women on a pedestal in their minds and offer them the respect that a queen deserves. This will work out in your favor once you’ve snagged him, but it can make getting there tricky.

If you want to make a Taurus man feel confident enough to ask you out, tell him that you admire his skills, his work ethic, and, yes, you can even go ahead and tell him you find him attractive.

This type of honest communication is what you’ll need to get used to when dating a Taurus man because they take things literally and need direct communication. You’ll feel liberated when you speak your mind—it’s so empowering!

A Taurus Man Might Feel You’re Out of His League

Taurus tends to be pretty traditional, and often they enjoy jobs that offer tangible results like building, working on cars, or brick-and-mortar workplaces. If he assumes you want someone flashier or more artsy, or someone who can provide more than him, it will scare him.

He is not someone who tries to be the center of attention. He prefers to help people without public recognition. A Taurus also doesn’t tend to obsess over making tons of money, as he likes to keep a balance between work and relaxation.

With this type of personality—humble and stable—they need to feel you value his Taurean characteristics. Make sure he knows you’re not looking for someone who is trying to impress you with a mansion and sports car.

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My Final Words of Advice to Spark His Interest

A Taurus man doesn’t want to get his hopes up or his feelings crushed, so he won’t make his move until he knows you’re receptive. Let him know that you’re interested and he will start to consider it—but let him take his time.

Remember that a Taurus doesn’t rush in his decisions. Don’t force him to ask you out or he will feel like you’re trying to control him. Instead, make him feel like he has options and that it’s all his idea.

Finally, if you’re new to astrology and don’t feel like you have a firm grasp of the Taurus sign, I created the Taurus Man Secrets book to guide you through the process of dating a Bull and making the relationship last.

Wondering if he is right for you? Find your current compatibility score with my calculator ( ). Please share if you’ve put this advice into action and how it worked for you in the comments below.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Ask You Out on a Date (2024)


How to Get a Taurus Man to Ask You Out on a Date? ›

Confidence, Serenity, and Honesty

If you want to attract a Taurus man, it's important that you first be real, strong, and confident in who you are as well as have a serene manner. It's important to be who you are--honesty is always the best policy with a Taurus man. If he's not interested, he's not interested.

How do you get a Taurus man to date you? ›

Confidence, Serenity, and Honesty

If you want to attract a Taurus man, it's important that you first be real, strong, and confident in who you are as well as have a serene manner. It's important to be who you are--honesty is always the best policy with a Taurus man. If he's not interested, he's not interested.

Will a Taurus man ask you on a date? ›

Taurus is a cautious, passive, and patient zodiac sign; they feel no need to rush into anything. You might notice that although your first date goes very well, he won't ask you on another date right away. It's his way of showing you that he needs time to think and testing your ability to give him space.

How do you impress a Taurus man on a first date? ›

Be yourself during your first dates. Don't try to impress your guy with a version of what you'll think he'll like. If you're not being genuine, it will turn him off, and he won't trust you. Being trustworthy is one of the most valuable assets you can have if you like a Taurus man.

How do Taurus men drop hints? ›

He expresses his feelings through his eyes, and this is how you'll catch a Taurus man dropping hints that he loves you. When a Taurus man decides you're the one, his eyes will soften and sparkle when you're talking to him. Eye contact attraction is real and helps a lot in building a good relationship.

Will a Taurus ask you out? ›

Taurus Will Reach Out

Taurus will ask you out on dates, just to talk things over. If you're serious about ending your relationship, then refusing these invitations will eventually get your point across.

How to trigger a Taurus man? ›

Check out the tips provided below on how to get a Taurus man to become obsessed with you to improve your chances.
  1. Let Him Chase. ...
  2. Take The Initiative. ...
  3. Display Your Love. ...
  4. Don't Play With His Feelings. ...
  5. Be Well Groomed When You See Him. ...
  6. Praise Him. ...
  7. Prove Your Loyalty To Him. ...
  8. Show Off Your Freedom.
Dec 27, 2022

Do Taurus men date casually? ›

While Taurus isn't noncommittal, they do tend to have a "slow and steady" approach to dating. Your Taurus man might have preferred to go on just one date a week for the first month or two of dating, but once you've said "I love you," he wants to see you all the time.

How do Taurus act when they have a crush? ›

They might surprise their crush with meaningful gifts or acts of kindness, demonstrating their genuine interest and care. Taurus tends to prioritize building a solid foundation of trust and friendship before considering a romantic relationship.

Do Taurus men tell you they like you? ›

Although a Taurus man may be hesitant to express his feelings openly and prefers to keep them close, he will often shout out his love for you if he's really into you. This could be through a public declaration of his feelings or posting something mushy and romantic on social media.

What color turns a Taurus man on? ›

Taurus Power Color: Green. Not only is it grounded in nature, but green also has a vivaciousness that helps Taureans feel revitalized. Not to mention, it's also the color of wealth—something Taurus signs value highly.

Do Taurus men like being asked out? ›

In conclusion, asking out a Taurus man can be a rewarding experience if approached with confidence and patience. Remember that Taurus men appreciate stability and are attracted to those who show their own appreciation for the finer things in life.

How to attract a Taurus man through text? ›

A down-to-earth Taurus is attracted to consistency.

For example, you could start sending him a "good morning" text each day or text him sometime in the evening hours once you're both done with work. Show him that you'll be a consistent presence in his life! "Hey there! Work got a little crazy today.

What turns Taurus man off? ›

A Taurus man values trust and loyalty in a relationship. He wants a partner who can be honest and open with him. Dishonesty is a major turn-off for a Taurus man; he finds it difficult to trust someone who isn't truthful. As such, it's crucial for a woman to be genuine and transparent in her actions and words.

What are Taurus turn offs? ›

Taurus: Being controlled

For a Taurus, neediness is the biggest turn-off of all. Taureans are strong, reliable, independent individuals who don't like being smothered.

How do I get a Taurus man to chase me? ›

How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You
  1. Tell him that you like him.
  2. Pay him compliments.
  3. Be less available at first.
  4. Dress well when you see him.
  5. Text him sweet messages.
  6. Give him a thoughtful surprise.
  7. Flaunt your independence.
  8. Offer him support.

How do you get a Taurus man interested in you again? ›

How to Get a Taurus Man Back
  1. Give him some breathing room.
  2. Be honest with him.
  3. Keep your communication positive.
  4. Apologize if you made a mistake.
  5. Remind him of the good times.
  6. Appeal to his senses.
  7. Be a loyal friend.
  8. Focus on self-improvement in your life.

Who is Taurus attracted to? ›

Who Are Taurus Compatible With? Each Star Sign Ranked from Least to Most Compatible
Sign PairingOverall CompatibilityPassion
8 more rows
Mar 19, 2020

How to seduce a Taurus man over text? ›

Send flattering photos. Taurus guys are sensual, so they'll appreciate visually appealing texts. While nude and revealing photos are still too much for a Taurus at this stage, he'll love seeing all of your cutest selfies. Snap photos of yourself doing something fun or wearing your favorite outfit.

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